I approached Fareen to help me with my resume and coach me on my interviewing skills. Fareen has been helpful and had gone out of her way to help me with every detail that could lead to success in my job search. The resume review helped me increase my chances of interview calls by 60%.

Brandon Verdes, Netherlands

I reached out to Fareen to seek help in building out my resume. Fareen is extremely professional- she took time and effort to review my resume and suggest changes. We went through multiple iterations - thanks to her eye for detail, I now have a perfect resume.

Nadiya Shaikh, India

I have been following Fareen's posts on LinkedIn from long time and it had helped me learn many aspects of job searching and career tips. I also opted for the CV review service provided by her and the review was precise, based on present market requirements, what recruiters look for in the CV. This helped me tailor my CV According to the particular company requirements and has helped me in targeted application.

Chetan Chinchanikar, Germany

Fareen coached me from being so pushy about my technology stack to showing results that people care for, Both my resume and LinkedIn now have changed dramatically and I am getting more attention now more than ever! Even in interviews I demonstrate how my skills that will help me stand out from other candidates .Her coaching sessions are personalised, she understands you, your accomplishments and advised accordingly.

Omar Bassyouni, Germany

The overall experience of the resume review was great. The discovery call helped in setting expectations around my resume and the jobs I was looking to apply for. Within 3 days, Fareen reached out with suggestions on how I could tailor my resume. I appreciate her patience as she clarified all my doubts. She coached me on how to read a job descriptions and craft resumes accordingly. I enjoyed working with her.

Shyam Venkat, Germany

Fareen coached me on both my resume and LinkedIn profile as a true professional. She has the ability to understand job roles and provide guidance by highlighting accomplishments. She was always prompt to respond to my queries. After the reviews, I've been receiving more interview invites and recruiters have been proactively reaching out to me on LinkedIn

Mahmoud Rottab, Egypt

Fareen feedback was great and her inside knowledge clarified many doubts.She's patient but direct. I have a better understanding on how to phrase better my achievements and what are key points for the recruiter while creating both my resume and Linkedin profile

Rodrigo Pérez García, Germany

Before the LinkedIn review, the major challenge has been not necessarily to know what needed to be done but to actually implement it and finally just get it done. Which is where Fareen’s support has been invaluable! With my new LinkedIn profile, I've received more interest from my network, and have seen a drastic increase in my engagement levels on the platform.Fareen as my coach has been awesome. Starting with asking the right questions, checking in on a regular basis, bringing in a lot of experience and the right expertise.

Ute Haug, Germany

I received a resume and Linkedin review from Fareen. She came incredibly well prepared for our meeting with edits on the documents, customised feedback on my materials, and specific actionable steps. I can take to improve my first impression. She also gave great rationale for each piece of constructive feedback helping me to learn along the way.

Yasmine Genena, Germany

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Fareen. I had the pleasure of working with her

Vishal Uderani, India